YMCA Key College provide workplace Youth Mental Health training on request. Please contact us for further details.

Together lets combat mental health issues in young people

Young people are struggling with poor mental health. Causes include; academic pressure, social media, bullying, poverty and a lack of availability of professional mental health support.

YMCA Derbyshire is passionate about ensuring young people receive the right support and committed to reducing poor mental health. One way to achieve this goal is to ensure more individuals and professionals are Mental Health First Aid trained.

YMCA Key Colleges Youth Mental Health First Aid training follows MHFA England’s internationally recognised youth courses. We offer Youth Mental Health Frist Aid Training two-day course as well as Youth Mental Health Frist Aid Champion one-day course.

Our courses are ideal for people who teach, work, live with and care for young people aged 8-18. Our courses can be attended by anyone aged 16+.

Youth Mental Health First Aid Champion – One Day Course

On completion of this course you will be a Youth Mental Health Champion and have;

  • An understanding of common mental health issues and how they can affect young people.
  • The practical skills needed to spot triggers and signs of mental health issues.
  • Ability to spot signs of mental ill health in young people and guide them to a place of support.
  • Knowledge and confidence to advocate for mental health awareness.
  • Skills to support positive wellbeing.

What else will you get?

  • A useful Youth MHFA manual to refer to whenever you need it
  • A certificate showing you are a Youth MHFA Champion

Youth Mental Health First Aid Training – Two Day Course

On completion of this course you will be a qualified Youth Mental Health First Aider and have:

  • An understanding of young people’s mental health and factors that affect wellbeing
  • The practical skills needed to spot triggers and signs of mental health issues
  • Confidence to reassure and support a young person in distress
  • Enhanced interpersonal skills such as non-judgmental listening
  • Knowledge to help a young person recover their health by guiding them to further support
  • The ability to support a young person with a long term mental health issue or disability to thrive
  • The tools to look after your own mental wellbeing

What else will you get?

  • Complimentary mental health first aid resources – including manuals, workbooks, and ‘Z card’ that identifies mental health first aiders in the workplace.
  • A certificate from MHFA England showcasing Youth Mental Health First Aid qualification.

Why train with Key College?

YMCA Key College has been providing expert training for over 10 years. We manage several projects and programmes linked to improving mental health across the country. For instance, in support of the NHS and YMCA England & Wales #IAMWHOLE campaign, which seeks to challenge the negative stereotypical view of mental health.

What our previous students say about the course:

“This was a helpful reminder of how difficult it can be for young people to navigate the modern world. It was useful to understand how to signpost to other local services and how to support a young person to take proactive steps to have healthy conversations around mental health”

“The trainer gave me an excellent insight in to supporting young people with mental health issues. She was clear and engaging throughout and there is so much I can take back to my day to day role”.

“I really enjoyed the two days the learning environment was perfect and I found it extremely interesting”.

Further information:

If you have any further questions in regards to the course or require further information please do not hesitate to contact YMCA Key College on 01332 579573.