L1 Digital Skills and Business Admin

2 December 2020

Andrew was not in education before starting YMCA Key College and was living at a local care home. He had limited contact with his family at this point as they lived in another part of country.

Andrew originally joined us on the entry 3 programme and has since progressed onto the level 1. He has made tremendous personal and academic progress since being with us. Andrew initially assessed at entry 1 in maths and is now close to completing level 1 in Maths. He initially assessed at entry 2 in English when he first joined us but has since gone on to complete his level 1 English qualification.

Andrew has also been able to complete 16 units in catering over two courses as well as 16 units in employability and development skills across two programmes.

Andrew is now living at the YMCA Derbyshire campus and experiencing much greater independence. He has also been able to build his confidence in contacting his parents and rebuilding their relationship which has grown positively in recent months. Over the two years, Andrew has made excellent progress in building lasting friendships with his study programme peers.

Andrew plans to progress onto the level 2 catering course with us and aims to achieve his level 2 in Maths and English at the end of the programme following the completion of his level 1 this year. He has recently attended a job interview and has plans to start on an apprenticeship once he is has completed his level 2 as he has ambitions to become a chef.