At YMCA Key College we are aware that for many of you, remote learning will bring a unique set of challenges which will be individual to each you. As we recognise this very important factor, it is essential for us, as a College, that we aim to meet the needs of all learners who study with us during this time.

In order to achieve this, we have established a four phase framework at Key College which we have have been using to respond to Covid-19 since March 2020 (updated in January 2021)

  • What happens in relation to learners who display symptoms and/or are awaiting test results?

Any students who display symptoms will be asked not to attend and will be asked to book a Covid-19 test online and have the results confirmed as negative before they can return. As this period is expected to be short, (we expect no longer than three or four days), students will be provided with work packs to cover any sessions they miss during this period. If a student displays symptoms on site, they will then be sent home with work packs and asked to book a test. The student is to inform us of any confirmed test dates and when they receive the results. Students will only be allowed to return to College if they receive a negative result. Should a student be unable to book a test through usual methods, then they are to inform us immediately, at which point students will be provided with a test from us that can be sent by post. Work packs that we provide will cover the sessions that they will miss during this period. Tutors will ensure that they contact students by phone in line with their regular timetable to offer support with any work packs for that day. Students’ attendance will be marked as learning from home.

  • What happens if students are self-isolating?

This covers any period ranging from 7-14 days, including those students who are isolating as a result of someone they live with testing positive for Covid-19. This will also include students who have been contacted by NHS Track and Trace or for students returning from a quarantined country. Work will be provided to students directly in line with what they would have been completing in their regular session for that week had they been on site. The tutor will contact the student on each timetabled session and offer remote support. Work will be submitted via email unless a student requires a physical copy. Work will be hand delivered to student addresses should this be required to avoid postage delays. Social distancing will be observed during the delivery process. Students’ attendance will be marked as studying from home.

  • What would happen if the whole of YMCA Key College were in lockdown?

Throughout any national lockdown, Key College will continue to provide onsite support for those most vulnerable in line with government guidance. However, in the unlikely event that Key College has to close as a result of a Covid-19 outbreak, work will be provided to students in line with their planned sessions to cover this period. Students will be provided with electronic resources via email and tutors will deliver online Zoom/Teams sessions to all students in line with regular timetables. Students will inform their tutor if they do not have sufficient IT resources available at home. Key College will provide any student with a laptop who requires one for online learning and support. Attendance will be marked in line with online engagement, with all students contacted on their timetabled days through phone calls home. Where a student is not contactable or does not engage they will be marked as absent. Contingency plans are in place should one YMCA Key College training campus be required to temporarily close.

  • What happens if students have to isolate as a bubble?

Where an identified bubble or group of students within Key College are required to isolate then the procedures will be followed in line with Phase 3. Again, this period is expected to between 7-14 days. All students within this isolation bubble will be provided with work in line with their regular curriculum. IT resources will be provided to students at home if required, with both physical and electronic resources available for home delivery. Where possible, students will be connected through Zoom into sessions being delivered in College. Students’ attendance will be marked as studying from home with welfare and engagement checks on each student taking place in line with their regular timetable.

The below section is designed to outline to students and parents/guardians how we will continue with remote learning and to also provide clarity and transparency on what they can expect from Key College moving forward. It will also outline in greater detail how the above phases will be delivered and supported by Key College, and also outline what our expectations are of you as a student or as a parent/guardian.

  • Remote study and learning
      • How will I access remote learning? Remote learning for Key College will be delivered through platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams for remote teaching sessions. Remote learning resources will be, in the first instance, delivered to students’ email addresses, which they provided during the Key College induction process. If students require any IT support or do not have access to a computer or laptop to complete work at home or to attend online sessions, then we will provide that student with the appropriate equipment at home. Times of Zoom/Teams sessions will be emailed out to students weekly. Physical copies of work and learning packs will be distributed to students who would prefer this option if this is more accessible.
      • How will I be taught remotely? Tutors will utilise a range of techniques to deliver online sessions. These will include, but not be limited to:
        • PowerPoint presentations
        • Live Zoom or Teams sessions
        • Pre-recorded videos
        • Online resources
        • Work packs with online support
        • Research activities
      • When will I access remote learning?Tutors will email students weekly in line with their regular timetable of study. Work will be sent for each subject for that week either at the beginning of the week or on that session’s specified day. Any remote sessions delivered over Zoom or Teams will match usual timetabled hours for that session.
      • How many hours a day am I expected to engage with remote learning?Students are expected to study in line with their regular timetable. Once remote sessions are delivered, students will be provided with tasks to complete once the session has ended, with remote support from the tutor over the phone being available. Students are expected to attend all remote Zoom or Teams sessions planned for that day. Students will be supported either through Zoom/Teams, over the phone, or via email to study their full hours at home as far as possible.
  • Engagement with students and parents
      • What do we expect from students? It is expected that students engage with any and all remote workbooks that are distributed alongside any planned Zoom or Teams sessions for that week. It is also expected that students communicate any concerns in relation to Covid-19 including any symptoms or requirement for them to isolate. Students are also required to ensure that Key College has their most up to date and relevant contact details for us to support them from home. Students are to inform us when work is completed so we can arrange for this to be collected and to also inform College where they have any barriers to learning from home, such as lack of IT equipment or internet access. Students as well as parents/guardians are also expected to read any newsletters that are distributed by Key College. All students must therefore make their best efforts to engage, inform us immediately if they are unable to engage, seek help when required, and be as contactable as possible.
      • What will my timetable look like throughout lockdown? Any students who are identified as vulnerable under government guidelines will continue to be provided with a timetable to attend on site. Where possible students will be encouraged to study from home in line with their normal timetable. However, where a vulnerable learner wishes to attend and remain on site full time, they will be provided with a space to do so. Students who are not vulnerable will be supported at home and contacted at home during their regular college hours. For example, if a student’s regular timetable is Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9-4pm, then this student will be provided with work packs, online support, Zoom/Teams sessions, and phone support on those days between those times. Students will also be able to contact their tutor outside of these sessions at any time either by phone or email. Students are expected to engage with their full timetable. All students with an EHCP will be provided with a blended timetable of on-site and home learning where they have signed the agreement which was distributed to parents/guardians and students on week commencing 11 January 2021 outlining that they are happy to follow such a timetable.
      • What do we expect from parents/guardians? It is expected that parents/guardians support their young person whilst at home and assist them in regard to having a quiet and safe place in which to study. We would also ask that parents/guardians ensure that college has their most recent and relevant contact details. We also ask that parents/guardians show due respect to all YMCA Key College staff.
      • How will we monitor student engagement? We will monitor student engagement through weekly Zoom/Teams sessions as well as through regular phone calls and emails throughout a student’s timetabled day. All students will be contacted at least three times a week with one to one reviews to continue as normal. Students will be expected to submit work in line with the deadlines expected, and students will be monitored in relation to this. Registers will be marked as working from home if a student engages with any Zoom or Teams sessions and/or phone call or email. Where a student does not engage with any of the above on their timetabled session, they will be marked as absent. Three consecutive sessions in which a student does not engage, will result in a letter home and further action to be taken to address engagement.
      • How often will we contact students and parents/guardians and by what method? We will contact students in line with their regular timetable. Students will be contacted by both phone call and email by their designated tutor. We will also send out weekly or fortnightly newsletters (dependent on the need) to both parents and students to ensure that they remain up to date with the latest information.
      • How do I submit my completed work? When you have completed a piece of work and you feel that it is ready for submission, this is to be emailed back to your tutor, in the first instance. However, if it is not possible to email, then please inform your tutor who will then arrange for someone to collect this work from your home address. This will be a socially distanced collection and the tutor or staff member will arrange collection methods with you prior to arriving.
      • How do I receive feedback on my work? Tutors will continue to provide one-to-one reviews over Zoom/Teams or phone when possible. Tutors can also email you out the feedback sheet that they have completed for work you have submitted. Tutors will also be available over email or phone throughout the week and will also provide rolling feedback within zoom/team sessions.

All of the above is in line with our Key College remote learning policy.

      • What can I do if I have any concerns or problems as a student? If you have any concerns or issues with studying from home or with how sessions are delivered, then please contact your centre and/or tutor in the first instance. They will then support you with any issues that you have. For safeguarding related concerns, please see information below outlined below under “Safeguarding”.
      • What can I do if I have any concerns or problems as a parent? Tutors and campuses are available throughout the week to support you with any questions or concerns that you may have in relation to your young person’s education. For safeguarding concerns, please see section below. The Head of Service can be contacted on 07921263963 if required.
      • What happens if I choose to self-isolate without being informed to do so or without any symptoms? Students who choose to self-isolate will follow all of the above remote learning guidelines and be support from home. Attendance will be marked as normal but it will be made clear that this is home learning. Students will be provided with the support outlined in Section 1.
      • How will attendance be recorded? Attendance for students will continue to be recorded as normal for all students. Where a student is studying from home because they are self-isolating, we will mark them as present but ensure that it is clear on our registers where students are studying from home. Absent marks will only be used where a student does not engage with any work or any attempt to contact them on their timetabled days.
      • How we will support learners with additional needs? We recognise that many of our students have a variety of needs and therefore require additional support. For those identified with a learning difficulty or an EHCP we will provide the following additional support:
        • Initial communication to determine the best way to support each family.
        • Identification of each family’s preferred method of receiving remote learning (online, hard copy or a hybrid of the two)
        • Weekly (or more frequently if required) catch-up contact (by the tutor) to ensure engagement and interaction and to offer any required support.
        • Provision of materials specifically tailored to the needs of the individual student (this could be workbooks, video/audio instructions, printed packs, loan of a laptop etc.)
  • Safeguarding and other important aspects of consideration
    • Safeguarding — Our safeguarding structure and systems remain the same throughout this period. Should you have a safeguarding concern, students and/or parents are encouraged to contact their tutor or to contact a member of the Safeguarding Team. You can email our Safeguarding Team at or telephone your concern straight through to one of our team on 07921263963. A link to the YMCA website with further information on safeguarding at Key College can be found here. Safeguarding in relation to remote learning is also covered within our remote learning policy.
    • Online safety — In line with safeguarding, we want to ensure that all our students remain safe online. We have therefore emailed out guidance on keeping safe online to all students. We would encourage all students to follow these guidelines. If a student or parent/guardian has any questions in relation to online safety then they should contact their tutor or the Head of Service. If you are concerned for your safety, or, as a parent, you are concerned about your young persons online safety, please contact our Safeguarding Team as listed above.
    • Student wellbeing — We will continue to monitor and support our students wellbeing throughout the lockdown period. We continue to have in-house counselling support available from our psychotherapist. She is still able to support our students and will provide Zoom support or on-site support where required. If you feel that you would benefit from meeting with our counsellor, or would like further information, then please contact your campus. We will also conduct general welfare checks on students and support students with a timetable that suits their needs and mental health.
    • Personal development — We will continue to support students’ personal development throughout the lockdown through one-to-one meetings with their tutor and through their regular sessions. Tutors will continue to set targets with students in line with developing personal skills and attributes.
    • Data management — We will continue to use your data in line with GDPR guidelines and will not share your information with any third party
    • Behaviour and attitude of students and tutors during remote learning – We have the same expectations on remote learning as we would in the College. Students are reminded of the learner charter, which they signed when they joined Key College. We expect all students to be respectful of others, including being respectful towards staff members, and to ensure they follow classroom expectations when on socially distancing calls or video meetings. All students will be asked to sign a new remote learning agreement.

This statement will be updated as required so additional information may be added from time to time.