2 December 2020

I’ve been studying Catering & Hospitality at Key College for two years and I’ve nearly finished the course. I’ve passed my Level 2 in English and maths since I’ve been here.

I was bullied from when I started school and it got really bad, a girl broke my elbow. I had enough and left school when I was in year 10. I had been studying catering and wanted to carry on with it. I want to be a chef or work in a bakery; I have done ever since I was little.

When I went to my induction, the tutor was really nice and polite and felt like someone I wanted to be around.

As soon as I started at Key College, everything changed. My confidence went up. I started to build trust with everyone and make connections, which was hard after what had happened at school.

In the morning, if I know I am coming to College, it’s my safe place. I’ve built trust and I like all the staff here. I like that they have a plan every day. I made my first cake at Key College! I’ve made friends with people on my course and it feels good because I feel connected because some people have had similar experiences to me.

I’ll be 18 in September and I’ve got a job interview soon and I’m really looking forward to finding out if I get a job. My mum is proud of how far I’ve come.