27 April 2022

Katie started studying at YMCA Key College after finding the traditional school environment too stressful. Katie battles with anxiety which resulted in her unfortunately not being able to attend school at all.

She was then home-schooled by her Mum up until the age of 15, which is when her journey at YMCA Key College began.

Katie said, “I like all of the topics I learn about here on my Retail course and the tutors are there to help with any situation. Whether that is college stuff or things going on at home. I get on with my classmates and the class size is small, I feel so relaxed here. If the classes were bigger and louder I wouldn’t be able to cope.”

Katie is an avid animal lover and has two dwarf hamsters, two budgies and a cat at home! When she leaves YMCA Key College she would like to work in a pet shop.