2 December 2020

Unfortunately, Max had some difficult health issues in 2019, which meant he got behind on his studying at a different college and couldn’t continue the course.

“I don’t feel like I had the support I needed during the time I wasn’t well, and the college I was at would only let me start again in September, but it was only March. I’m really glad that YMCA Key College let you start at any time, it meant I didn’t have to miss out.”

After getting his health back on track, Max decided to begin studying Childcare at YMCA Key College in Chesterfield, where he feels extremely supported and confident.

“I chose Childcare because my step-mum works with children and I’ve always babysat my little sisters, which I really enjoy. Mike supports me really well and I love how small the classes are at college, it gives me chance to ask questions whenever I want. I’m not very good in new places but here I’m happy, comfortable and confident. Everyone gets on well and I can be myself. You also get rewarded for doing well, which I haven’t experienced before.”

Max has now completed his Level 1 in Childcare and will be returning to YMCA Key College to do his Level 2. In the future, he would like to work in a creche at a hospital.

“It’s my dream to work in a hospital creche, I feel like a child’s experience should be good in a hospital, I want to try and make their life easier and take their mind off what’s going on so they don’t have to worry.”