2 December 2020

“When my mum was pregnant with me, she found out I had a kidney problem and it was unlikely I would survive, but she didn’t give up on me – I beat the odds. However, at the of four I was placed into foster care. I was moved around a lot and never felt like I was at home anywhere.”

Due to her poly-cystic kidney disorder, growing up was quite difficult for Sophie. She had to be very careful not to run around and get as involved with play as other children as the disorder was triggered by high blood pressure.

When Sophie was 13, she was also diagnosed with a global learning disability, meaning her life got even more complicated. Some secondary schools find it difficult to handle these kinds of disabilities and unfortunately for Sophie she was asked to leave by several of them.

“Eventually I was able to move home and I started at YMCA Key College. I’ve now passed my entry 3 level catering, meaning I have moved up to Level 1. I’m also working on level 1 English and Maths. My favourite staff are Rebecca, Paula, Yasmine and Bianca. YMCA Key College is the best college ever. This is the first time I’ve ever got 100% in college or school. I can’t thank the staff enough for what they do for me. Since I’ve been at the YMCA I have been more happy in myself.”