20 July 2021

Tiffany joined YMCA Key College with very little confidence. When she arrived every day at the beginning, she would be extremely anxious and upset about the day ahead.

“In the early days of when I came to college, I would always get my mum to come on the bus with me and then wait in a café near by while I was at college. I was quite scared.”

However, with lots of work on her confidence by making friends and learning new things at YMCA Key College, Tiffany is now thriving.

“I have so much more confidence now and I love my Childcare course. I’m doing so much better in Maths and English and I’m going to move on to Health and Social Care next.”

When new students arrive at YMCA Key College, Tiffany is the one who shows them around and supports them where they need it. She has come on leaps and bounds since her first weeks and we are so proud of her.