24 August 2023

GCSE results day are here and with it brings a whole range of feelings, anticipation, excitement, relief. However, if your results weren’t what you were expecting you may be feeling worried about your next steps, leaving your wondering about your options.

We are pleased to let you know that YMCA Key College is here for you. We have a different approach to learning at our college and want to support you in the way that suits you best.

“I came to YMCA Key College because I’d been excluded from school. I was hanging around with a bit of a bad crowd at the time.

The turning point for me was when I asked to come to YMCA Key College and they accepted me. I was still in with a bad crowd and didn’t have the best attitude when I first started, but they gave me chance after chance. My tutors looked out for me and told me when I was doing wrong. They were so friendly – they really are the nicest people you’ll ever have teaching you.” Ben YMCA Key College.

Vocational Courses

While A-levels have long been the standard route, there’s another avenue to consider: vocational education. From Retail to Childcare and Practical Work Skills, vocational courses cover a spectrum of interests, offering hands-on skills and learning so you can #unlockyourfuture.

At YMCA Key College we run the following courses:

Practical Work Skills

Essential Digital Skills

Business Administration

Retail Knowledge

Caring for Children

Digital Skills and IT

Health & Social Care

Hospitality & Catering

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Why Come To YMCA Key College?

YMCA Key College is different to other mainstream colleges. Our learning experiences are tailored to your needs. Our students love coming to college as they feel supported in their education and personal development.

Katie a YMCA Key College student said, “I like all of the topics I learn about here on my Retail course and the tutors are there to help with any situation. Whether that is college stuff or things going on at home. I get on with my classmates and the class size is small, I feel so relaxed here. If the classes were bigger and louder I wouldn’t be able to cope.”

At YMCA Key College we do the following things to make your college experience the best it can be:

  • Small Class Sizes
  • Friendly and Understanding Tutors
  • 1-2-1 Support
  • Access to a Psychotherapist to help with your mental health
  • We have a chill out room where you can relax and take time out when you need it
  • Free breakfast to start your day
  • On site kitchens so you can make a cuppa or heat up your lunch
  • Resources provided, including uniforms where appropriate such as “chef whites”
  • Help with travel costs to and from our campuses (e.g. bus/train fares)
  • Help with job searches, applications, CVs and preparing for interviews
  • Access to various work experience and volunteer opportunities
  • Your full time course is 3 days a week
  • All our courses include employment skills and Maths and English
  • Start your course any time of year


How Do I Apply?

Applying to study at YMCA Key College is really easy – just click the button below and fill in the contact form. Next one of our friendly tutors will contact you and discuss courses and invite you for a tour of the college. We accept students that are 16-18 or if you have a EHCP you can study with us until the age of 24.

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“As soon as I started at Key College, everything changed. My confidence went up. I started to build trust with everyone and make connections, which was hard after what had happened before at school.” Ella, YMCA Key College Student.

We hope to hear from you soon – and remember what ever happens on GCSE results day you have got the power to #UnlockYourFuture with YMCA Key College.